Alyssa Schollaardt

 I am filled with gratitude to have joined Primitiveimprint in May 2018. 

I graduated Alberta College of Art & Design in 2013 and have been working in a variety of creative fields since then. I draw inspiration from the landscape and wildlife around me, and from all things strange and curious. I hope to evoke a sense of playfulness and wonder in my work, and help awaken the inner child of the wearer. 

Let’s make some rad art together.


Brett Davis

Large scale abstract tattooing, heavy blackwork, dotwork and sacred geometry

Born and raised in southern Ontario, I grew up with a creative imagination and a passion for art and fantasy. Throughout my childhood and teenage years you could find me doodling and defacing any surface I came across, including the limbs of myself and others. 

I attended school for fine arts before dropping out to go live in the islands of the South Pacific where I spent my time learning to tattoo. I eventually returned home and pursued tattooing full-time. I built a career for myself in the city of Hamilton, where I worked in busy street shops and developed my skills as a tattooer. 

Living in Canmore with my partner and pup, I hope to reinvent myself and push my work in a new direction, a direction more true to myself.